A Birthday Prayer


My God,
The Maker and Creator of everything,
Most especially me.
You, with delicate precision, put everything into place for my creation.
When I was born, only you knew who I was and what I would be,
But more than that,
You knew what I could be.
While I was in the womb you looked down the paths of my life,
And saw all the choices I could make,
All the sins I could commit,
All the errors of my ways,
And you loved me still.
With your divine vision,
You did not just see the potential of evil,
But the potential to be good.
You saw opportunity for growth,
For service,
For relationship,
For redemption.
So it is that I have been shaped by my life;
The choices I have made and the choices of others.
I am before you this day different than the day I was born.
And yet, the same in some ways.
I was always yours;
It was as though you called me while I was in the womb.
Those times I turned from you,
You stayed with me, persistent and vigilant.
I look back on my years and I see your good works all around me.
Thank you, Almighty God, for all you have done.
Most especially your life long presence with me.
No gift could be greater;
No present more precious.
With deepest gratitude on a day when I recognize that this life is not about me,
It is and should be about you, O Lord.
May I celebrate each day and the blessings you have bestowed upon me.

(Image courtesy of channel.nationalgeographic.com)


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