A Prayer to Go Deeper


(Image courtesy of telegraph.co.uk)

Almighty God,
You alone know the depths of human gratitude.
While I suspect that we have not yet reached it,
I believe that many of your faithful want to show you how thankful they are.
There are those who have witnessed your glory,
Experienced your grace,
Enjoyed your love and relationship,
And those who know that their blessings come from you.
Help us to show, not only you, but the world,
That true gratitude goes deeper.
It yields action and a life change,
Whereby we take our place among those who serve you.
Not just on the occasional mission trip,
But each day of our lives.
What greater means of saying thank you have we,
But to reorder our lives to be intentional about enacting your will?
The depths can be frightening;
They can be filled with trials and unseen adversity.
Strengthen us and may your Holy Spirit calm us.
Steel our nerves against anything that would drive us back to the shallows of faith.
In this journey to the depths of gratitude,
May we find our true nature revealed.
May we rediscover that we are your children.
For this we were created.
In this, is your glory.


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