The Pet Owner’s Prayer


(Image courtesty of

God of all creation,
You created this world, all the flora and fauna.
The animals you designed must hold a special place in your heart,
Since you were so intentional about preserving them during the flood.
Over the course of human history,
We too have come to love many animals.
We take them into our lives and into our homes.
They become like another member of our family.
They bring joy and happiness to our lives.
Yet we know that the day will come when our beloved pets depart.
The loss and sorrow can be overwhelming.
May we cherish our pets everyday,
And look upon them as the gifts they are.
Molded by your hand, crafted with divine care;
These animals share our world by giving of themselves.
They loves us selflessly, and warm our hearts.
When we experience the loss of a pet,
Surround us with your love,
Comfort us with your spirit.
Remind us that all of creation rests in you,
Waiting for the Day of the Resurrection when you shall renew,
Not just humankind, but all of creation as well.
Until them, we hold fast to those precious memories,
Of animals in whom we glimpsed the love of God.
Glory to you for the blessings we receive in our pets.


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