The Committment Prayer


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I come before you for worship this day, Almighty God.
I hereby promise that I will look upon this time as sacred,
And wholly other than the rest of my week.
I will come with an attitude shaped by the gratitude I have,
For all that you have done for me, the blessings I have received.
I will not lose focus upon the gravity of the task before me.
I will focus all my energy, my thoughts into this worship.
Let me not be a distraction, a detractor.
When my mind threatens to stray,
Lead me back by the movement of your Holy Spirit.
Blot out the worldly concerns that swirl in my head.
Fill my entire being with you,
So that my words and thoughts may all glorify you.
I will not come to be served,
But I go to worship the one who alone is worthy of my attention.
When I take my seat,
I will bathe myself in the presence of my Lord.
I will not seek to receive, but to give.
In doing so, may I depart knowing,
That I have done what is right by you.
Let me prepare now.
Let me honor and glorify you.
May it be so.


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