The Protection Prayer


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God of All the Earth,
You know each of your creation,
Down to the individual hairs on their heads.
From even before we were born,
You watched us grow in the womb.
As you have watched over us,
You have, through the nudging of the Holy Spirit,
Tried to lead us on the path of righteousness.
You have tried to keep us safe from harm.
Sometimes we bring harm to ourselves;
Sometimes we cause harm to others.
Sometimes we are victims of the choices others make.
Forgives us when our actions have led to pain and suffering.
Help us to heal and bring healing to those we offend.
Surround us in your steadfast love and bountiful grace.
When we wander dangerously close to darkness and danger,
Lead us back from the brink.
Send us those earthly angels who rescue us in our time of need.
May we be open to your call to assist others.
Let all those who bear the name of your Son,
Be willing to serve others instead of just ourselves.
Keep us from turning a blind eye.
Move us toward those hurt and abandoned.
We desire to be a light for those who wander lost,
As we were once lost in the darkness.
Grant us the opportunity to be guardians of your precious children.
May we bring you honor and praise for our care of others,
In your holy name.


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