The Justice-Seeker’s Prayer


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O God,
Hear the cry of your people!
We cry out for justice.
We see the crimes, the sins of others;
This earthy evil all around us.
Deep within our beings,
We yearn for good to triumph over evil.
You are God of the just and the unjust.
You are Lord of all.
You see every transgression.
There is no trespass hidden from your view.
Even as we try to overcome our own inner impulses,
We see the blatant disregard for your laws and commandments.
Is there nothing sacred anymore?
Are there none among all the people who will walk upright before you?
We want to focus on you,
But the willful disregard of others is glaringly apparent.
Help us to trust in your justice.
Assist us in living as holy people,
Who model your will and exemplify your law.
May those who see us come to know,
That there is another way of being;
A way that does not condone stealing, lying, cheating,
Or any other of our everyday sins.
When we are unfortunate enough to witness or be the victim,
Help us to remember that you have promised us your justice.
As sure as we have been promised your grace,
We can turn over our disgust, our resentment, our suffering to you.
We look for that day when justice shall roll down like water.
Prepare us for the responsibility for our own transgressions.
We will try to forgive others.
With your help, we will.


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