What does a Christian Look Like?

Is this a Christian?

(Image courtesy of roshpinaproject.com)

Are these Christians?

(Image courtesy of bikyamasr.com)

What about him?

(Image courtesy of english.ruvr.ru)

Or them?

(Image courtesy of bosnewslife.com)

Certainly not him?

(Image courtesy of adreamweddinginparadise.com)

Certainly not them?

(Image courtesy of dalje.com)

Would you count them in?

(Image courtesy of bloodgod.org)

They are all Christians.

Christianity is not the clothes you wear, or the way you style your hair.  It is not the make up you use or do not use.  It is not the color of your skin, or the nationality of your ancestors.  It is not the the cross you wear, but the cross you bear.  Christianity is not what others see when they look at your physical appearance.  It is the faith you embody.  The words filled with grace and love which you speak.  The hands and feet that do good work in Christ’s name.  Christianity is not seen with the eyes, but revealed from the heart.  Until we can look upon another person and simply see this:

(Image courtesy of namaha.wordpress.com)

We will never know what a Christian looks like.


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