A Prayer for a Heart Like Christ


Gracious God,
You who have given me more than I could ever earn,
I beseech you once more.
Grant me a heart like Jesus;
A heart that animates my being.
May my heart, defiled by sinful desires,
Be purged and my spirit cleansed.
I promise before you, O Lord,
That I will use this gift to accomplish your will.
My hands will be an extension of my new heart.
With them I will reveal the salvation I have received,
By extending a hand to the fallen,
Serving food to the hungry,
Embracing the rejected,
Pushing away temptation,
Clasping my hands in prayer for others,
Offering consolation to those who mourn,
Placing my offerings upon your holy altar,
and rebuilding a shattered world.
Do not let me hide this gift within my earthly form.
Do not allow me to disregard the pull of the Holy Spirit,
To enact the ministry of Christ this day.
The words of my mouth cannot speak as loud and clear,
As the testimony of my hands,
The way I live my life,
And the good that I enact in your holy name.
With a full heart and open hands,
I lift this prayer to you.
May your will be done.

(Image courtesy of sundijo.com)


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