A Prayer for the Departed and Those Who Remain


Lord of life,
You know how fragile life is,
How it can vanish in the blink of an eye,
The quickness of a single breath.
One day the world is vibrant and new;
We are young and exuberant.
Days pass like fluid thought.
Before we know it,
The world has grown darker, colder.
It is not just the world, but we too who have aged.
Death seems all too indiscriminate.
It takes those we love, those we loathe.
It snatches life faster than we can hold on to it.
Before we can gather our thoughts together,
We are processing in the last celebration of a precious life.
We find ourselves bewildered, but sad.
Lost, yet angry.
We feel guilty, if we feel relieved.
We feel compelled to squelch our laughter.
Help all those who are in the midst of saying their final goodbyes.
Surround them with your Spirit of love and grace.
May those who are left in the wake of death find comfort in you.
Help us to trust in the promise of the Resurrection,
Where we will see our loved ones once more.
Open space for fond memories, laughter, and joyful celebration.
Death is not the final victor, but Christ.
Let us honor the departed with our love;
Their legacy with our lives,
Not lived as solemn memorials,
But lives that touch others as we have been touched.
May we stand before the mystery of death and not shrink,
For you are our rock and our hope.
Thank you for those we have lost,
And those we still have to love.


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