A Prayer of Gratitude for Scripture


(Image courtesy of myjewishlearning.com)

Almighty God,

You have revealed yourself to humanity,
And given us your Holy Word.
In Scripture, we discover our beginning;
Created in your image.
We learn our divine purpose in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
You continue to speak to us in those sacred texts.
Every believer desires to experience the power of the Living Word.
May we hear you in the ministry of the spoken Word,
And celebrate our legacy in the read Word.
When it becomes too cumbersome,
Too demanding to be intentional about reading our Bible,
Call us back to Scripture.
There is our strength,
There is the promise we have received in Christ Jesus.
Scripture is surely sacred.
Otherwise it would have faded from prominence long ago,
But it remains vital and true.
Thanks be to you, Lord,
For the precious gift of your written Word.
We hold it in scared trust for the next generation.
May we not simply hide it away,
But cherish it in our hearts and keep it ever on our lips.

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