God calls us to be
Christians.  It is a call to transformation, to redemption, to renewal,
and a return to the image in which we were created: the image of God.

God didn’t call me to a pastor because I was a good preacher, a good teacher, good at praying, good at visiting, a good missionary, a good theologian, a good Bible scholar, good at writing liturgy…

God called me to be a pastor and transformed me to be good at all that I would need to do.  Through education, seminary, mentoring, and spiritual enrichment, God continues to perfect and enable me to be the pastor I need to be.

God doesn’t call us because we’re good, because of our merit.  God calls us because we need to be transformed and remade in the image of Jesus Christ for the world.  We are called because God is good.  Whether we are called to ordained ministry or not, we are all called to be in relationship with God.  We experience a process of refinement through which God transforms us in Christianity.  In Christianity we are encouraged, strengthened, granted opportunity to enact our faith, instructed, guided, and discover others who are being transformed like us.

God is calling.  Come be transformed.

(Image courtesy of
Adam created from dust.  Transformed by the breath of God and brought to life.

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