Halloween, Candy, & Christ


Many people, many good Christians, will have nothing to do with Halloween.  I am not one of those people.  Yes, I know the torrid history around the beginnings of All Hallows Eve, but today’s incarnation is nothing more than an excuse for children to get dressed up and adults to shower them with candy.  No one cares about the undead other than trying to do their best imitation of a zombie.  I suppose I could get all riled up and make a statement by abstaining from Halloween activities, but it’s not competing with a true Church holiday so I don’t really care.  Instead, I will use Halloween to interact with my neighbors and the children that come clamoring to my doorstep seeking handfuls of confections.  I will wander over to my church and greet those that stop in to hear the organ being played by our Music Director dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera.  Just maybe people will see that we’re actually kinda cool.  Maybe they’ll consider coming back by another time, maybe even on a Sunday.  Maybe those children will remember one day that they used to stop by the big church on the corner at Halloween, and they’ll think that if they’re going to try a church, just a shot in the dark, they might as well try a United Methodist one, because they seemed pretty descent.  Sometimes we do Christ justice in letting others discover that we can relate to them.  Other times we witness to the joy we found in Christ by our willingness to have a little fun.  Either way, I’ll be out and about, just like Jesus.

(Image courtesy of hslinum.blogspot.com)

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