Prayer of Thanksgiving for Saints


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My Lord,
You have blessed this world time and time again with saints;
Those who serve you through their service to others.
They live out a faith so profound,
That they inspire generations of Christians.
These Christians demonstrated a way of living,
A Christ centered existence,
Which we strive to emulate.
We give you thanks this day for those saints who have departed,
They now rest from their labor.
Gathered together in you,
May they receive the treasures they stored up in Heaven.
We who remain honor them with our words, our worship, and our deeds.
May we follow their example and cease to live for ourselves,
But live for others.
So that all we do and all that we are,
May bring honor and glory to you.
We have seen the Kingdom of God reflected in these men and women.
Grant us your strength to take our place in the communion of saints.
It is not easy to live as Christ calls,
But we know that there are those who do.
Grant us to be perfected in your love,
And model Christianity for a new generation.
This is our inheritance and our burden,
With your grace, we can be a blessing to the world.


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