The Absence Prayer


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God of eternal presence,
This day I feel so far away.
Like many who are not in worship of you today,
I find that I am missing a piece of myself.
Is it possible that a part of me shrinks when I am far from your people?
Scripture tells us that we need one another,
That we need to experience you in others.
While I mourn the missed fellowship, the silence usually filled with song and praise,
I pray that I will come home again soon,
Into your sanctuary where I am always in your loving presence.
My lips long to say the words of liturgy;
My voice longs for the hymns of the Church.
My hands long to pass your peace and receive it from others.
I long for you,
But, because I know what it means to be part of the Body of Christ,
I find that I yearn for them too.
Help me to remember this feeling,
So that I will not choose to stray, or stay away.
May this remind me of the joy of being faithful in my worship attendance.
Bring us all back safely together,
And we will rediscover the profound happiness of our worship of you.


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