A Tuesday Prayer


(Image courtesy of burdenbearersgp.com)

Lord, hear my prayer:
While the world of people sees today as Tuesday,
You see this as the day.
Let this be the day that I bring honor and glory to you.
Today I shall take time to read your holy scriptures.
Today I will be intentional about my time in prayer.
Today I will nurture my relationship with you,
And in doing so, I will nurture my relationships with others.
Before the sun goes down,
I will speak words of grace and love to someone who needs to hear them,
Because I have heard your words spoken to me.
I will lay aside my quarrels and seek peace with my neighbor.
I will tell those closest to me what a blessing they are in my life,
Because too often those words go unsaid.
Today I will give thanks for what I have,
And not squander it on myself,
But share my blessings with others,
So that others will come to know you and see that you alone are Lord.
This is the day;
Now is the time.
Do not let this Tuesday be just any other day, O God.
Please let it be the day that I turn myself around,
And walk in the path of light Christ lays before me.
Grant me your strength, and nothing shall impossible for me.


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