Let My People Go!


A plea to Popular Culture:

Let my people go, so they may worship (Exodus 8:1)!
Do not hold them hostage to your forty hour plus work week.
Do not demand that they worship the almighty dollar more than Almighty God.
Do not make them hate their bodies and dumb down their minds.
They are beings of sacred worth, created in the image of God.

Let my people go!
Set them free from your mores and your norms over God’s law.
Loose them from your selfish ideals and your disdain for the sacred.
Free them from the bonds of slavery to consumption.
They are not yours, but God’s.

Let my people go!
They have children, precious blessings, to raise without your interference.
You corrupt our children with your hyper-sexual images.
You tie them up with social events and sports when they should be in worship.
They are children of God, and to them belongs the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let my people go!
Do not offer them humanism instead of Jesus.
Do not lie to them about individualism over the Body of Christ.
Do not deceive them with the empty promises of fame and fortune.
The treasures they store up in heaven are more precious than silver or gold.

Let my people go!
Because cultures and societies come and go, but God is eternal.
Because one day we will all stand before the throne of Christ and answer for our lives.
Because you cannot offer them salvation, redemption, and transformation.
You will use them, abuse them, and spit them out, if you have your way.
The Lord, the God of justice, will not let you destroy the goodness of his people.

Let my people go, so they may worship.
They will pray for you, make change for you, and enrich the world.
They will feed the hungry, care for the sick and imprisoned, and love the poor.
They will be the ones to enact the good which you cannot.
Heed my warning.
Let my people go, because God always triumphs in the end.

(Image courtesy of theblogprof.blogspot.com)


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