Prepare for Greatness


Some train like this…

(Image courtesy of

Others train like this…

(Image courtesy of

Training could look like this…

(Image courtesy of

Or even this…

(Image courtesy of

This is how Christ prepared for his marathon…

(Image courtesy of

Prayer is essential to those who follow Jesus.  If it’s not, then we are not really following him, or his example.  “Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not to lose heart” (Luke 18:1).  Pray always.  Pray more than before meals.  Pray more than the times of great trial.  Pray more than those little prayers for mess ups.  We treat prayer like a burden, a chore to be done so we can get our eternal allowance.  Prayer is the lifeline to God.  It is the mode of communication God has graced us with in order for us to speak to God and God to speak back.  If we choose to squander our prayer, then rest assured God is willing to listen to those who call on his name.  How can we expect to do great things in Christ’s name if we don’t prepare ourselves through prayer?  How will we know what God’s will is if we are not in communication with God?  We train rigorously for marathons and weight loss, but the marathon that is life as a Christian disciple is also about conditioning, training, and spiritual exercise.  If you want to stand great before God, you’d better start on your knees in prayer. 


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