A Prayer to Our Heavenly Father


(Image courtesy of marcusjlewis.com)

Our heavenly parent, our Father above,
You knew us before our existence was known by anyone else.
From the very beginning, you have watched over us.
Now we ask for you to guide us in your ways.
Raise us up to be the sons and daughters you deserve and we long to be.
Teach us your wisdom,
Endow us with your power,
Even as you envelop us in your love.
No matter who our earthly parents are,
Despite any relationship we have with them,
You are our eternal parent without equal.
The love of this world simply points back to the perfect love you rain down.
We have been nurtured by the Holy Spirit to walk in the light of the Son.
May you have cause to be proud of us,
The way we speak your truth in love,
The way we act from compassionate hearts,
And the way we seek to enact justice in your holy name.
In you we are all connected.
In you may we all be grounded.
We lift our prayers of thanksgiving and praise for you, O Lord.
Glory to God in the highest,
And may there be peace among your children on earth.

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