Shake the Crumbs Loose


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On time, during the course of his earthly ministry, Jesus was approached by a Canaanite woman, someone who worshiped pagan gods, looking for healing for her daughter.  When Jesus told her he came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel, she rebutted with her proclamation that even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table.  Through the tenacity of her faith and persistence in pursuing what she believe possible, Jesus healed her daughter.  This story has me thinking about how we can not only ensure that others eat the proverbial crumbs of Christianity, but
provide greater access by shaking them forth.  The Church is a great resource of many things which people need and often go without.  Even beyond the faith in Christ, the Church and its members possess great means and access to material resources.  We give our money as part of our tithes and offerings, but what about all the other things we have?

It is American culture to take what we do not want or for which we no longer have space and sell it.  We employ garage sales, yard sales, eBay, and Craigslist to help us rehome our no longer wanted artifacts and we make a little money while doing so.  But what about those that could really use some of the things we no longer want, that become the crumbs of our lives?  Could we not go a little further and find the ways to get then into the hands of those that need them, like children that do not have age and seasonally appropriate clothing?  We could see if someone just getting back on their feet in an unfurnished apartment could use that piece of furniture.  Before anyone takes all their stuff and dumps it into the unsuspecting hands of their local church, I want us to be intentional about making sure we don’t just sweep the crumbs off our floor and throw them onto someone else’s.  We can take the time to search out those who could benefit, and find the programs, agencies, and individuals who have the ability to help us be connected to those we could serve in yet another way.  Framed through faith, relationship after all is what our lives are all about: relationship with God and others.  This may be one more way we can help others encounter Christ in the selflessness it takes to ensure that we can pass along what we have, but no longer desire or need.  It will take a little more work, yes, but it will never compare with the work that Christ endured to bring us salvation.  So where are your crumbs, and how can you make sure that they go to those who have not yet taken their rightful place at the table as Children of God?

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