Changes to the Eye, But the Heart Remains the Same



(Image by Rev. Sarah Wastella)

I was shocked last night to receive an email from my website domain host informing me that in one week my host’s blogcast program would be terminated and all my content would be forever lost.  After that first wave of terror, I took a deep breath and considered what I should do.  Should I do as they suggested as transfer my blog over to WordPress?  Should I look for an alternative blog publishing solution?  Should I abandon blogging all together for now?  It might have been easiest to do the latter, but I immediately knew in my core that it was not the right decision.  People read my blog, and I have had so many incredible encounters with others because of my blog.  Honestly, my blog make me a better Christian.  It hold me accountable, and forces me to attend to my spiritual disciplines from which the inspiration for my posts comes.  It connects me to others all over the country and across the globe.  It has been a means of grace for me, and I pray for others, so I could not just let it die off and lose over three years of blogging.

With the decision made, I set about fixing the problem at hand.  So you will notice that things look slightly different, as my other design template was unique to the other blogcast program.  You will need to sign up again for email updates, if that was your preferred method of reading my posts, as that information was not transferable.  Despite the same author and the same content, this feels different.  Not bad, just different, and I will need to adjust and maybe you will too.  I hope you will bear with me as we make this shift.  I am working to ensure that you will not have to change your links so that will forward to the WordPress page.  As this transformation is completed, I will do my best to keep you informed and keep new spiritual content flowing.  If there are hiccups, then I ask for your forgiveness.  I hope you can grant me grace during this time, as I assure you that this was not my will or desire.  Yet God can redeem all things, and this experience shall be no different  Of this I have great hope and faith.  Thank you for all your support, and I cannot tell you how grateful I have been for it, but God knows.

In Christ,


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