A Prayerful Petition for Guidance Along the Way

(Image courtesy of adventuretravelnews.com)

(Image courtesy of adventuretravelnews.com)

Out of the safe, quiet harbor of my heart,

I call out to you, Almighty God.

As I respond to the invitation of Christ to follow in his footsteps,

I pray for guidance and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Created by the Father, I am a reflection of your will and imagination.

With each step, I leave my comfort zone,

And I go further into that unpaved path of your will for me.

I know I should not fear, but concern creeps into my consciousness.

I know that you are with me, but I welcome those tangible reminders that uphold me.

Show me where you would have me go.

Tell me what you would have me speak.

Help my hands find their place in your service.

Bless me with your illumination,

And I will share it with others.

I will be a vessel of your light for all people.

From this day and forever more,

I journey with you to the gates of the Kingdom to come.

Thank you for going forth with me, and working within me.



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