A Prayer for Those Naked Vegetarian Moments

(Image courtesy of Rev. Sarah Wastella)

(Image courtesy of Rev. Sarah Wastella)

This prayer comes from a sermon series I start today on the second creation story in Genesis: the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.  They began as innocent, naked vegetarians, but are quickly lured by the promise of being more, but by their will rather than God’s.  So I offer this prayer in tribute of their trial, and from our need to find another way.


You created me,

And in the very beginning recognized the temptations that be.

Forgive me when I am weak,

When I fall to my heart’s desire,

Rather than enacting your will.

When those time arise and I feel the inclination to pursue my ends,

At whatever means and whatever cost,

Send your Spirit to gird my eagerness to serve you first.

Help me to abstain from sin.

Lead me away from that which distracts and draws my eye,

And help me to focus on you, the core of my being and the sanctuary of my heart.

May I live anew in the grace of Christ,

To live and breathe without condemnation,

Basking in salvation and your love.

Clothe me in righteousness,

And lead me past the fruit that would cause me to stumble.

In your name I pray,



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