A Prayer of Thanksgiving for New Possibilities

(Image courtesy of savvymom.ca)

(Image courtesy of savvymom.ca)

Gracious God,

You are so good to me,

So much so that I am ashamed to not have told you sooner.

Out of my brokenness, you have given me healing.

Out of my weakness, you have provided your strength.

I am becoming something new and holy,

Because your grace is at work in me.

Transform me from my sinful self,

And create in me a heart like Jesus.

I want to leave all bitterness and anger behind,

To walk into the future with open arms,

And a heart ready to love more fully.

You open doors through the path of discipleship.

I used to see them as gates,

But now I see that they are sanctuaries.

Each door your Spirit opens before me,

Leads me farther from my painful past and into a hope-filled future.

In you, I find hope and healing.

Through you, I receive love and life.

May I never look back, even when I stumble on this path.

I want to keep my eyes on you,

So that I may see possibilities and journey towards them.

Thanks be to you, for all you do.



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