A Prayerful Petition from God’s People for Peace

(Image courtesy of clickyourheelsthreex.blogspot.com)

(Image courtesy of clickyourheelsthreex.blogspot.com)

“And I will grant peace in the land” (Leviticus 26:6 NRS).

Remember your promise, O God.

Creation cries out from violence and bloodshed,

From evil words and hatred embodied.

We wound each other, cutting past the bone,

Until the spirit bears the scars of our sin.

Help us.

Deliver us into your peace,

One that lasts and heals our world.

Wars cross continents.

Terror fills our heads and pervades into our hearts.

Blood paves the streets.

We lift up our cries to you,

For you alone can save us.

You alone can end this strife.

We clasp our hands together and pause to pray.

We fall to our knees and still ourselves before you.

In the stillness, in the silence we get a taste of your peace.

We crave more, we yearn for the harmony we discover with you.

Cultivate in us a passion for the ways that lead to reconciliation.

Let us put aside weapons and words of war.

Hammer our hearts, remold them into vessels of tranquility and Christ’s truth.

We wait for the day when we will gather together with you;

When all acts of evil will cease,

And there will finally, eternally be peace.

May this be done in accordance with your will and your word.



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