Cries from the Streets: A Prayer

(Image courtesy of

(Image courtesy of

O Lord, Master of all that is,

The streets are filled with violence;

They are paved with blood.

People gather there to rage against the same society that built the roads.

We cry out over the injustice of this world.

We mourn the loss of human life because of human sin.

We yearn for another way, a path of peace,

But that street is not paved.

It is difficult, and rough to traverse.

It is surrounded in darkness, and only the path itself is illuminated.

Help us be bold enough to walk in the light of Christ;

To tread by faith alone.

As the hatred in human hearts grows,

The ripple effects of the evil we birth in the world expand ever outward.

Only through your mercy and our faith,

Can we overcome, triumph over the darkness that consumes.

Let the lessons of love from Christ’s own lips be on ours,

And embedded in our hearts.

May our street be cleansed through grace,

And may we turn the tide of anger and wrath.

There is great injustice, and the victims’ cries rise to the heavens.

Send us as vessels of your comfort, and conduits of your change.

Until Christ comes again to complete the transformation of this world,

We, your people and children, shall labor for you.

Bless our work, that we may serve you as you will.



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