A Prayer from Broken Vessels

(Image courtesy of heartoverheels31.blogspot.com)

(Image courtesy of heartoverheels31.blogspot.com)

Come, fill your people, O God.

We are fractured, broken.

Yet you are able, capable of repairing that which has been shattered by sin.

Fill in the fissures,

That we can hold your love.

Restore us from this fallen state.

We were created to reflect you, our Creator in all your glory.

So your people cry out, calling for your grace.

Let us eat the Bread of Heaven.

May we drink the Living Water, and thirst no more.

Let the offering of Christ himself seal us,

And break the power of sin in and over us.

Remold us for your holy purpose, fit us to your will.

We are those who shall bear Christ.

We are those who shall testify with every breath.

As it is in heaven, so may it be on earth,

All honor and glory, given to you.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we pray.



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