When Faith Makes You A Freak

(Image courtesy of hqwallbase.com)

(Image courtesy of hqwallbase.com)

A freak is a label, sometimes a social death sentence, cast upon a person for their unusualness.  Sometimes their “abnormality” is visual in the way they appear through their choice of clothing, body adornment, or personal styling.  Sometimes they are deemed a freak because of their behavior, acting in such a way that they appear to go against the grain.  Jesus calls his followers to both.  In a world that is all too happy to put on drunkenness, hatred, and an obsession with the personal pleasure of sex, Christ calls us to put on righteousness and be clothed in grace.  He asks that we be luminescent beings in the darkness of this world, overshadowed by sin and oppressive evil.  Our actions should be just as stark in contrast.  When the rest of the world passes them by, leaving them to wallow in the suffering they may or may not have brought upon themselves, Christians are to stop and be a means of grace, a presence of God for others. We cannot go about our merry way when another beloved of God is in pain, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise.  We respond, because God responded first to us.  This makes us freakishly devoted to those most readily rejected, and many times their rejection becomes our own.  We are stigmatized for the love we share, but when we indulge in hatred, then we simply wrongfully and wretchedly stigmatize our Savior.  So we are a set apart, called aside to be unusual, not to draw attention to ourselves, but to direct people back to our Lord.  Freaks because of our faith.  Freaks because we do what no one else will do, love whom no one else will love, and go where the world refuses to tread.  When, because following Christ means it is only a matter of time, we are branded freaks, then we should recognize that we have crossed over from the secular to the sacred.  We have entered into the realm of being holy as God is holy in order that others may discover that they are loved so much that they may be remade holy, too.  Don’t go with the crowd.  The crowd crucified Jesus.  Be those freaks at the foot of the cross.  Be those freaks that proclaimed the grace of the Gospel at their own expense.  Be those freaks that stood out because their faith was more than a profession of words, but a transformative way of being, loving, and honoring God.


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