A Strong and Healthy Mind in Christ

(Image courtesy of onefamilyundergod07.wordpress.com)

(Image courtesy of onefamilyundergod07.wordpress.com)

My undergraduate education taught me how vital critical thought is, to question and explore.  Its purpose is not to be difficult, but to be assured that we have arrived at the correct conclusion.  More often than not, applying critical thought to my faith has actually strengthened my faith, rather than destroyed it.  I know why I believe in the doctrines of the virgin birth, the atoning death of Jesus, and the bodily resurrection.  I have explored, questioned, tested, and discerned.  All of this, these exercises of the mind, emphasize why Christians need to have our heads in the right place, fully functioning and healthy.  How can we be of one mind, as the Apostle Paul implores, if we do not tend to the health of our minds?

I am well aware that Christianity can look insane to non-believers.  I know that it can appear nonsensical, irrational, and even silly.  Yet we understand the power of faith and trusting in God’s wisdom, which can be illuminated by earthly knowledge.  Can we truly all be of one mind?  If we ascend to the mind of Christ, then yes.  The world raises children to be radical individuals with a strong emphasis on self-preservation.  This sits in stark contrast to our Lord, who calls the children of God to be radically and inexplicably linked in the Body of Christ, a community of faith.  We are selfless, even to the point of suffering and dying for our faith in Christ.  Is that insanity?  It is insane to love our God so much that we would willing set ourselves aside for God?  How about another person, even an unbeliever?

We can become one when we put our motives, our desires, our wants aside to embrace the mission of the Church Universal and the will of God.  We are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ as our mission, and it is the will of God for us to embody the grace and love we first received from God.  How could that be unreasonable?  How could anyone be offended at the mission to make disciples of the one who came to serve, to heal, to help, and to liberate?  Christ came to us to show us what pure love unadulterated by sin looks like, and then calls us to reveal it in our own lives.  Christians from every denomination, of all races, creeds, genders, and cultures have to agree that we serve the one risen Lord.  We have to join together to model Christ, not individual beliefs and denominational assertions.  Christ was never about us as individuals, but us as the collective world, all of humankind in need of salvation.  So we have been called to model this path of discipleship, this holistic way of being restored to the image of God in which we were created.  All of us must be united.  Every part of our being must be joined together: our body, our mind, our heart, and our spirit.  We must challenge our minds to explore the limits of our faith, and we cannot fear losing that same faith, because, if we do, then perhaps we never really had anything with which to grasp in the first place.


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