A Prayer While We Wait

(Image courtesy of twoadoptionstories.com)

(Image courtesy of twoadoptionstories.com)

Be patient with us, O Lord,

While we wait.

Extend your gracious patience to us,

And help us to bear the passage of time.

We are waiting for justice,

For peace,

For reconciliation,

For restoration,

And we wait for the return of Christ.

Then all things will come to closure,

And all will be made right, as you intended it to be.

We yearn for the completion of what you began in the empty tomb.

Your people groan for the end of suffering,

The eradication of death,

The cessation of sickness,

And the last tear to fall forever more.

So we wait, and not with idleness,

But with action, for there is love to give,

Blessings to share.

Help us to be those who anticipate the coming of the Kingdom,

Those who live with eternal gratitude,

Embodied in our words and actions,

Deeds and doings.

Let us be the ones who ease the pain of waiting for others.

We need your strength to persevere.

We entrust ourselves into your care,

Giving thanks for the glory to come.



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