Take Time to Be Holy

(Image courtesy of richlandcreek.com)

(Image courtesy of richlandcreek.com)

Carving out time in our busy, over scheduled lives is just as vital as carving out sin from our hearts.   It takes time to be holy.  It takes effort to drive out the distractions of the world and focus on the Lord alone.  We have to be intentional about setting aside time for this sacred duty, this call to be holy as God is holy.  The pursuit of holiness is to actively ward off sinful inclinations and work against the natural penchant of humankind to backslide into sin.  If we do not vigilantly pursue holiness, then we are at great risk of being engulfed by the profane, draw into sin once more.  Our time spent in prayer, communicating with the Lord is an investment in the liberty Jesus Christ died to bring to us.  Reading the Holy Word of God imbues us with the wisdom to seek first the Kingdom of God before we indulge in our desires and forsake our call to discipleship.

This is why the Church emphasizes the necessity for corporate worship.  It is to carve time out as individuals to gather, as well as the Body of Christ to be present with and for one another.  Perhaps if we would be faithful in doing this once a week together, then we would be more inclined to continue the practice on our own.  To be remade holy is part of the transformation Christ made possible for all those who would choose faith, to believe in the power of his death and resurrection to bring grace.  The older I get, the farther along this path of discipleship I go, the more I find the enrichment that can only be born of taking time to be holy.  Here in this time and space I make in my life I find sanctuary, shelter from the storm.  Here I find God tangible, present, and at work in me.  Here I discover my potential, revealed in whispers into the deepest recesses of my being, visions cast in my mind’s eye, and the cajoling of the Holy Spirit to the image of God buried beneath the sins I had committed.  Being holy is more than being pious.  It is to seek the Lord in all things, especially within.  When we do, we glimpse the glory of the Kingdom to come.  We realize that we can and should play a crucial role in its fruition.  We are empowered and elevated with power to enact the potential God placed in every single human being.  Take time to be holy, discover the riches God placed within you.  Then you can be a rich blessing to others.


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