A Benediction for the Close of the Day

(Image courtesy of esperanto.wunderground.com)

(Image courtesy of esperanto.wunderground.com)

As the day draws to a close, my God,

My prayer rises to you.

Receive this gratitude for one more day,

Of a life that has been filled with grace.

May I have been a witness to your goodness,

A proclaimer of your mightiness.

It is only by your benevolence that I can stand,

That tomorrow I will rise to meet a new day.

Whatever trials that come, may I lean on you in humility.

Watch over me as I rest, and speak your will into my heart.

Use the stillness of my body and mind for your purpose.

I long to know what you would have me do with the gift that is tomorrow.

Let me hear you with all that I am,

And likewise fulfill your call.



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