Willing to Wait for Divine Justice


Somewhere in the future of all humankind sits a throne, and upon this throne will sit the King of kings.  He will judge every person who ever was, is now, and has yet to be.  We must all account for ourselves, our actions, and how we lived our lives.  Those who place themselves firmly in the grasp of God’s grace entrust that the salvation of the cross will be sufficient to cleanse us of our failures to live in accordance with God’s will.  Sometimes when I encounter someone who wrongs me, I picture that throne.  Not only does it require me to recognize that nothing I could ever do to another person could compare to standing for God Almighty and being confronted with one’s own sins, but it forces me to acknowledge that I myself am not without guilt, for I too have things for which I will need to account to Christ.

(Image courtesy of galleryhip.com)

(Image courtesy of galleryhip.com)

Somewhere there sits a throne where justice shall prevail, where no one can side step justice because of their wealth, their prestige, or their luck.

Somewhere there sits a throne where someone other than me has to bear the burden of making things work out, healing the hurt, and righting the wrongs.

Somewhere there sits a throne where my advocate is seated, knowing all that has been perpetrated on me, my deep sufferings, and the way I have been battered by the will of others.

Somewhere there sits a throne that will overflow with the presence of God, overturning the perversion of justice this world holds true.

Somewhere there sits a throne before which I long to kneel, to prostrate myself in worship of my Lord, and entrust myself into his mercy.

Somewhere there sits a throne where wrongs are made right, and I can be made perfectly whole once more.

Somewhere there sits a throne where my enemy can be transformed into my sibling in Christ, and reconciliation will be fulfilled.

Somewhere there sits a throne that is bigger than my pettiness, my sore feelings, and my bitterness, and there they are put into perspective so that I can see the bigger picture.

Somewhere there sits a throne that means that the things of this world: sin, death, and sorrow, have all passed away, and the reign of God in the Kingdom to come has begun.

Somewhere there sits a throne where all people are made equal, and we can no longer assert dominance and conjure notions of superiority.

Somewhere there sits a throne where I can see justice in forgiveness, and accept the grace of God poured out on others with whom I may have a grudge, and who hold one against me.

When I find myself yearning for earthly justice and the pleasure of vengeance, I picture that throne.  More than that, I picture the one who will be seated upon it, and I allow his peace to wash over me, the promise that God knows and will act justly.  I relinquish my grasp on my pain and sorrow.  I let my suffering slip from my hands and out of my heart.  In its place I let the balm of Gilead seep, washing over my fractured form and tormented spirit.  Justice belongs to the Lord, and I belong to him as well.  If I am willing to entrust myself into his care, then I have to trust the justice there too.  There is power in the name of Christ who will sit upon that throne, and there is comfort in the image.


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