Corporate Mad Libs Prayer of Peace & Patience


Yesterday I shared a new way of praying we practiced in the Emergent Worship service I lead in my church.  The next week after we did the individual Mad Libs prayer cards, we did a corporate Mad Libs prayer.  This time each person was invited to take a strip of card stock and write their name upon it.  Decoration and personalization were encouraged.  The prayer text was posted on the wall, and people were invited to add their name wherever they wanted.



Soon people were doing multiple cards with their names on them, and then people started making name cards for others who were not present, but in need of prayer and support.  Children were getting help from adults, and those who were not tall enough to place their name where they wanted were assisted by the taller ones.  It was a perfect example of peacefully working together and everyone was patient to take their turn at the prayer wall.  Sometimes we are given experiences that underscore precisely what God is conveying in Scripture, and this was one of those blessed occasions.  Before I knew it, the wall had been transformed into this:

(Image by Sarah R. Wastella)


Maybe this is something you can offer where you worship.  Or perhaps it is something you want to erect in a private space of your own, to keep a visual prayer for your beloved.  I offer it here, so that it might bless others as it has been a blessing to us.  Here is the prayer itself:

God of the Meek and the Strong,

The Poor and the Wealthy,

The Sick and the Healthy,

We, your people, lift up our prayers to you…

__________ needs your peace to wash over their relationships.

__________ is thankful you are patient with them.

__________ asks to feel your presence more fully.

__________ wants to become more patient with others.

__________ desires to experience a deeper relationship with you.

__________ asks for healing.

__________ wants your grace to wash over them.

__________ needs your help with a struggle.

__________ needs your strength during a time of stress.

__________ yearns for direction and divine guidance.

__________ seeks your comfort as they mourn.

__________ is grateful for forgiveness.

__________ gives thanks for your love.

__________ celebrates a triumph over adversity.

__________ seeks the peace that comes from you.

__________ wants to grow in love.

__________ wants to follow the path of Jesus Christ more fully.

__________ asks for the power to resist sinful inclinations.

__________ desires to embody the Risen Christ for others.

All the people say amen.

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