A Prayer of the Exhausted Servant


Lord, who rested on the seventh day of creation,

In your infinite wisdom, you call me to rest.

To take the time to stop my rushing about seems like insanity.

But I can sense my exhaustion seeping into my body and infecting my spirit.

I do need to take time to rest, and rest in you.

I recognize that I cannot do it all, by myself, and non-stop.

I need you.

I confess that I have not always looked to you, as if I did not fully trust you.

Forgive me that slight.

Help me to recognize my limits, and appreciate your limitlessness.

Rejuvenate me with your Spirit.

Wash my aches and pains, my burdens and my sins in your grace.

Cleanse me even as you restore me.

May I wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to serve you, and others in your name.

I pray this day will be a time to reconnect to you,

For you alone can carry me when I fall exhausted.

You will never let me down.

You never have.

Thank you for that.



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